Pakistan: No good bosses in an imperialist system

03 February 2024 247 hits

Since Israel started bombing Gaza, Progressive Labor Party (PLP) members have been actively participating in demonstrations against the genocide of the innocent workers of Palestine. At the beginning all these demonstrations seemed as the continuation of the old rallies organized to condemn the atrocities “Muslims” are facing all over the world. Religious parties always took the lead of these rallies while pleading that Palestinians are Muslims and they are fighting for the liberation of our holy place “Bait-ul-Muqadas”( Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem). Religious groups always claim that “Palestinian Muslims are fighting to get back the holy place from Israel and we have to support the Jihadis (sacred warriors) who are fighting holy war to establish an Islamic state of Palestine.” But our friends and comrades confronted them with the true analysis of the situation and played a key role in bringing the facts about the Israeli occupation and aggression.

U.S. imperialists sacrifice workers on the altar of profits
We explained that it is not a war between Jews and Muslims but it is a war against the working class. Workers living in the war-ridden areas are now looking for food, shelter and medicines. These poor working class people have always been used as fodder for the interests of imperialists. The perpetual cycle of genocide, occupation, and apartheid against workers in Palestine is a necessity for U.S. imperialists’ long-term interests. U.S. and Israeli capitalist bosses want to grab the enormous oil and gas reserves in the Middle East while keeping the war going.

The working class needs liberation from poverty, exploitation, illiteracy, nationalism, racism, sexism and fundamentalism. Workers have never abandoned their search for equality, justice and liberation but it is always undermined by the so-called nationalists and fundamentalists. Workers in Palestine are forced to die in the interests of imperialism. They have been slaughtered for a long time. Hamas and Israel are puppets of the bosses. Hamas is supported by Iran while Israel is supported by the U.S.

No good sides in bosses wars; choose the side of the working class
Inter-imperialist rivalry is creating fatal divisions among the workers in the name of religion, nation, ethnicity, race and gender. We, working class people all over the world, need to condemn the genocidal attacks by Israeli bosses as well as the terror of Hamas’ misleaders. Now as things are getting clearer we can see easily that the working class is in danger. We are on the brink of World War III and the lust of capitalist bosses for supremacy in the Middle East will make more people starved and homeless. It is the duty of all workers to support the workers in Palestine, while organizing demonstrations against the murderous capitalist system which churns out death, starvation and misery.

We also organized demonstrations against the brutal attacks by Israel under the banners of different trade unions and student organizations. We gave a critical analysis of the geopolitical situation in the Middle East as well as in the world. We corrected myths with facts. We also faced resistance from fundamentalist groups while expressing our point of view. Our friends and comrades are delivering speeches and distributing pamphlets at big rallies. We got good responses from these demonstrations as well as some new contacts. We are trying to give true leadership to common people, workers and students. We make it clear that without an international communist revolution we cannot get out of the barbaric clutches of imperialism.

The only solution is a communist revolution
We cannot get rid of all these wars by just chanting slogans against imperialists but we need to arm the people with an international revolutionary communist line and lead them under the red flag of PLP. We need an international and united struggle against every sort of nationalism, fascism and fundamentalism. We are struggling in a very difficult and dangerous situation to spread our communist ideas while going into every fight against capitalist evils. PLP is the only hope for the working class in these dark days and we are striving for the bright future of the working class all over the world.