Letters . . . 17 July, 2024

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Biden is bringing World War III

A few words on the debate. Surprise! Trump told some lies. One was his false, racist claim that immigrants getting benefits is what’s threatening the future solvency of Social Security.

The truth is that immigrants pay significantly more in taxes than they receive in benefits. Undocumented immigrants, in particular, pay an estimated $11.6 billion a year in taxes, but are not eligible for most benefit programs.

On the other hand, Trump told the truth when he said that Biden is bringing World War III much closer. However, Trump distorted the reason for this. He said it’s because world powers in competition with the U.S. — like China and Russia - don’t respect or fear Biden. That’s not the point.
The real reason Biden is bringing WWIII closer is that Biden upholds the needs of the wealthiest and most powerful finance capitalists, like JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. Those imperialists have investments all around the world, profiting hugely from cheap labor, expropriating natural resources, and controlling markets.

Those top U.S. capitalists will do anything to try maintaining domination globally. They’re willing to sacrifice our lives - and the lives of our sisters and brothers in the working class around the world — in a desperate effort, including nuclear war, to preserve their empire and global dominance.
The conclusion: neither Trump nor Biden - nor any politician who may replace Biden at the Democratic Convention - is worthy of our support. They all serve the capitalist system. That system has to go!

Don’t forget Trump is dangerous

The Capitalist Class and its stewardship threatens the working class. Unfortunately we are allowing CHALLENGE to focus on the liberal wing of the ruling class, Biden and the Democratic Party. 

But there are two or more wings of the ruling class and a critique of the Trump plan to reshape the United States poses an immediate threat as well which not all members of the working class understand if we go by the increasing numbers of unemployed and employed workers, white, Latin and Black who are considering voting for him.

The situation is complex, but in my opinion, short term the greatest threat to the working class is the Trump populism that is proposing to jail the left and refashion the machinery of government in the image of the mafia (proposing to change Civil Service rules etc.).

The Party should provide a long term blueprint of transforming our current social and economic system at the same time, it must not fail to tackle our immediate tasks.


It would be a dishonor to our history to have an “attack Trump now and deal with Biden later” approach. The Old Communist Movement, in their rightful anger against rising fascism, mistakenly formed a United Front with liberal bosses against the Nazis, which resulted in only fortifying the bosses’ system. Once the Red Army defeated the Nazis, those same liberal bosses turned on the communist movement.

Knowing what we know today, we can’t ideologically disarm our class like that. We need to have confidence in the working class to be able to fight for the most advanced position—now and later.  

So yes, fascist Donald Trump is and continues to be a danger. All the U.S. liberal media will agree. Despite how he seems at the debate, Jim Crow Biden is no toothless animal. This wolf in sleepy sheep’s clothing has the most powerful of U.S. billionaires of finance capital backing him. He is also overseeing the genocidal slaughter of over 35,000 Palestinians, and greenlighting billons in weapons for the Israeli fascist state. It’s the liberal fascist Biden administration who is unleashing its fascist police dogs and using their judicial system to attack workers who oppose it.

In addition to winning people over to the fact that the problem isn’t just Trump or Biden, that it’s capitalism, the most immediate task is to fight attacks on our class (from all sides) and build PLP. We have Summer Projects organized around the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention to fight against both the Small and Big Fascists.

Juneteenth is beginning of Jim Crow

I have a suggestion regarding the Juneteenth holiday.  The ruling class has co-opted Juneteenth,  calling it “a celebration of the end of slavery.” However,  I think it should be called the end of chattel slavery and  the beginning of Jim Crow slavery.  Similarly,  the Civil Rights movement was the end of Jim Crow slavery and the beginning of identity politics slavery.  Even the New York Times has printed multiple articles documenting how health care,  wages,  public education,  and so much more are so much worse for Black and brown people.  The only thing the NYT leaves out is that capitalism is the root cause of these conditions AND that only communism will abolish this shameful history.

We need to highlight another shameful event in capitalist history that happened 71 years ago on Juneteenth . On June 19, 1953 the U.S. rulers murdered communist heroes Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The Rosenbergs were accused of giving the Soviet Union the supposed “KEY” to the atomic bomb.  According to the accusation, the Soviets were “too stupid and incapable” of figuring out how to construct a nuclear weapon. In fact,  just 4 years later,  the “stupid and incapable” Soviets launched the first artificial satellite (Sputnik) and 4 years after that the “stupid and incapable” Soviets launched the first astronaut (Yuri Gargarin) and brought him safely back to Earth. 

Creating a nuclear weapon is VERY complicated.  The Rosenbergs had no knowledge of non-nuclear physics and most certainly no knowledge of nuclear physics.  There is no way that they could have understood any of the complicated equations and descriptions of the bomb design process.  Moreover,  the one piece of so-called “evidence” that was produced at the trial was a FLAWED diagram of one component of the bomb that the Rosenbergs were accused of giving to the Soviets.

The U.S. government was sure that the Rosenbergs would confess in return for life imprisonment rather than death.  But the Rosenbergs refused the government’s phony “offer,”  instead proclaiming their innocence.  The Rosenbergs were working class heroes who should be remembered for their refusal to go along with the Cold War motivated accusation that they were Soviet spies. That is why on Juneteenth we should also honor the sacrifices of these communists along with those of Black enslaved workers who sacrificed their lives fighting this racist system built on slavery.