South Bronx: Scratch a liberal pol, find a fascist thug

05 July 2024 263 hits

THE BRONX, NY, June 22– Around 100 workers gathered in the South Bronx to protest the hypocrisy of liberal fascist misleaders Senator Bernie Sanders and House Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, and Nydia Velásquez, who hosted a rally shortly before the Democratic Primaries last week. While all four of these con artists pay lip service to voting for a ceasefire in Gaza, they have put their full support behind President Joe Biden by endorsing his bloodthirsty presidential campaign. These so-called progressives are exposing themselves as the main danger to the working class. They use the language of fake leftism to pacify workers into accepting reformist crumbs all while propelling our class toward world war and fascism. 

We handed out CHALLENGE and made some contacts, including one who is interested in protesting at the Republican National Convention with us. Afterward, we had a study group with 22 workers and students in which we read and discussed “Black Workers’ Leadership: Key Revolutionary Force.” The study group allowed us to contrast the rally’s multicultural rainbow of capitalist misleaders with the need for multiracial working-class unity and the importance of Black workers’ leadership in the march toward communist revolution. One thing workers and students alike agreed on is that racism is a tool of the bosses that hurts all workers. We discussed how anti-Black racism shows up in our everyday lives and the division that it creates within the working class. 

Liberals are the main danger

In addition to endorsing Genocide Joe, AOC, and Bowman have contributed to the lie that the fightback against Zionism and genocide in Gaza is anti-Jewish racism, better known as anti-semitism, by condemning a protest against the Nova Exhibition’s fascist propaganda earlier this month. (CBS News, 6/12) One worker we met walking into the rally expressed surprise that we were attending a protest against AOC, and when one comrade responded that she had endorsed Biden, he said, “Well, she’ll get on the right side before November.” This delusional outlook is exactly why these “progressive” liberals are so dangerous to our class. They are effective in pushing well-meaning workers to vote for one of two flavors of fascism instead of building a workers’ world.

No end to genocide in a capitalist system

Protest organizers demanded that these misleaders drop their endorsement of Joe Biden, and some attendees passed out fliers promoting alternative “socialist” candidates. These candidates promote reforms like reducing the U.S. military budget to 10 percent— as if we should be demanding merely a reduction in the mass slaughter of workers from American bombs! There will be no end to genocide and imperialist war in a capitalist system, no matter who is president. Capitalism needs extreme nationalism, racism, and ultimately world war and genocide to churn profits for the ruling class. 

We need an international communist revolution, not nationalist liberation

Workers around the world recognize the dangers of Israeli nationalism and are fighting back. We must join these workers in smashing the fascist Israeli state. Simultaneously, we cannot turn to Palestinian nationalism instead. Protest organizers championed the United Nations resolution 37/43, which calls for the “legitimacy of the struggles of peoples for...national unity.” There will never be real unity between the ruling class and the working class of any nation. The Palestinian bosses will never build a society that the workers of Palestine need and deserve. 

Trouble for liberal fascists 

Back in 2016, Bernie Sanders and his multicultural “squad” of liberal fascists were able to draw huge crowds. This tiny rally of just a few hundred is an embarrassing loss for this wing of the ruling class. As the United States’ imperialist tentacles on the rest of the world weaken, the liberal fascists will be forced to resort to even more suppression and violence against the working class.

Workers have no future under capitalism, which will continue to splatter our blood on its racist borders and turn our bodies to ashes. Join us in the fight for communism, so that we can turn world war into class war and build a world free of genocide.