MAY DAY 2024 . . . Nazareth, Israel: Arab, Jewish workers unite!

09 May 2024 304 hits

Thousands of workers, students, and youth – marched through the central city to commemorate May Day. This march was organized several days earlier from the actual May Day, set on Saturday (the local day of rest) to permit as many people as possible to come from all across the country. Both Arab and Jewish workers and youth marched together, in defiance of the government’s nationalistic propaganda.

Earlier that day, the police raided the (official) Communist Party’s offices in Nazareth, confiscating banners and trying to bully the Party members to prevent or weaken the march. Such scare tactics by the cops did not work, and the march went forth with red flags and red banners calling for a united struggle against the regime and its fascist ideology.

Faced with increasing repression in recent months, the (official) Communist Party is forced to move leftward from its old revisionist positions, and the slogans were much more militant than in the preceding year.