MAY DAY 2024 . . . Los Angeles: celebration rooted in fightback

09 May 2024 303 hits

LOS ANGELES- A multi-racial, multi-generational group of more than 80 workers and students came together to celebrate May Day with Progressive Labor Party (PLP). We hosted our 5th straight celebratory dinner at a local park in South Central Los Angeles in the neighborhood where Alex Flores was murdered by KKKops.  The Flores fightback is still going strong and they continue to celebrate May Day with the PLP.

The event was led and emceed by new, young members, who brought the energy of the fightbacks on their college campus to our event making it especially vibrant and engaging.

The festivities opened with a performance from a local Aztec Danzante troupe who has consistently supported the family of Alex Flores and their fight against racist, police terror.  This was followed by a lively “History of May Day” skit written by a college student and acted out by high school and college students. There was a moving speech from a veteran comrade on their 50th May Day and a symbolic “passing of the torch” to a new comrade who talked about why they joined PLP.  The last was by a comrade and teacher who delivered an inspiring speech about the “power of yet” describing where we and our class is in this moment and our heroic potential as communist organizers. Interspersed were songs and poetry and a popular "speed dating" segment that got everyone up and meeting new people.  It was an all around inspiring May Day with more in depth articles and letters to come.  Happy May Day!